1. Korea National Assisive Technology center
Core role of assistive devices in supporting assistive devices and establishing a management system

- Assistive device usage support
- Establishing assistive devices service delivery system
- Promoting use of assistive devices
- Enhancing effective management of assistive devices

<Main Tasks>
- Researching and developing projects concerning assistive device policies
- Researching assistive device services
- Enhancing Regional service hubs
- Constructing information management system
- Monitoring the users and the uses
- Encouraging of information exchange

<Related Act>
- Act on the support for assistive devices for persons with disabilities, older persons, etc. And promotion of use thereof Article 13(Main Assistive Technology(AT) Center), Article 10(Quality Control of Assistive devices)
- Major work : Policy research of assistive device, Operation of regional AT center and management support, Collecting information on assistive devices and establishing a database, Quality control, etc. of assistive devices

- 2009 : Korea National Assistive Technology Center (Opened in June)
- 2010 : Korea National Assistive Technology Center (Quality Control of Assistive devices, Opened in August)
           Regional AT center opened (Daegu, Daejeon)
           Participated in device distribution business
- 2011 : Regional AT center opened (Gwangju, Busan)
- 2012 : Regional AT center opened (Gyeonggi-do)
- 2013 : Regional AT center opened (Chungbuk)
           Demonstrative business - Case management business
- 2014 : Regional AT center opened (Gyeongnam, Incheon)
- 2015 : Regional AT center opened (Jeonbuk. Jeju)
- 2016 : Act on the support for assistive devices for persons with disabilities, older persons, etc. and promotion of use thereof enacted
- 2017 : First factual survey on assistive devices
- 2018 : Short & long term objectives for AT center established
           Assistive device database established
- 2019 : Establish additional AT centers in 6 regions (Chungnam, Gangwon, Sejong, Jeonnam, Gyeongbuk, Ulsan)
- 2020 : Operate 17 central+ regional AT centers 2. Introduction of Korea National Assistive Technology center
 Researching and developing projects concerning assistive device policies
<Purpose and direction>
- Develop policies for social participation and improving quality of life through assistive devices
- Continue systematic research on policy improvement, service delivery system, efficient analysis, and establish statistical ground
- Policy and service research
  , Develop manuals for assistive devices and services
  , Publish white book on assistive devices
  , Develop evaluation tools for assistive devices
  , Research basic data of assistive devices
- status of assistive device usage and monitoring
  , Investigate assistive device industry and usage status
  , Evaluation of device service outcome
  , Monitoring safety accidents of devices
  , Evaluation of handicap assistive device issue services and outcomes  Supporting the operation and management of regional assistive technology centers
<Purpose and direction>
- Supporting the regional AT center (16 cities and provinces) to carry out its operations effectively through systematic operation and management
- Strengthen service capability by training experts in assistive devices
- Improve awareness of assistive devices by promoting relevant policies
- Support operation of regional AT centers
  , Develop and standardize operation standards
- Evaluation and management of regional center operations and outcomes
  , Evaluate operations and outcomes
- Train experts in assistive technology/devices
  , Develop personnel training program
- PR of assistive technology/devices and improve awareness
  , Assistive technology/devices contest(Photo/UCC etc.) / online and offline PR  Informatization of assistive devices
<Purpose and direction>
- Reduce information gap by constructing integrated information system
- Provide various information such as items, types and government subsidy project through the integrated information system
- Enhance the information accessibility by providing information of AT accordance with each individual conditions
- Operate integrated information system 
  , Construct and manage assistive devices DB
  , Operate integrated information App
- Provide assistive devices information
  , Provide customized customer call service(1670-5529)
  , Publish recent assistive devices information trends
  , Operate an experience and exhibition program
- Integrated Assistive Technology information system
  , Provide information of government subsidy project
  , Help to search customized information in different conditions  Quality control of assistive device
<Purpose and direction>
- Promote proactive/follow-up management to strengthen item user safety and improve satisfaction of assistive device support business for disabled
- Support indirect quality control through item sorting and quality test & research and induce quality improvement and industry development of domestic assistive device
- Support Items Management
  , Register and manage assistive device according to standard for support items registration of 3. Central and Regional Assistive Technology center(AT center)
- Objectives of regional assistive device centers
  , consulting, evaluation, applying, follow-up, etc
  , renting, repairing, customization
  , recycling assistive devices
  , operating assistive device exhibition and experience halls
- AT Center
  , Central AT Center (Seoul, Main)
  , Gyeonggi-do Province AT Center
  , Incheon Metropolitan City AT Center
  , Gangwondo Province AT Center
  , Sejong Special Autonomous City AT Center
  , Chungcheongbuk-do Province AT Center
  , Chungcheongnam-do Province AT Center
  , Daejeon Metropolitan City AT Center
  , Gyeongsangbuk-do Province AT Center
  , Gyeongsangnam-do Province AT Center
  , Daegu Metropolitan City AT Center
  , Ulsan Metropolitan City AT Center
  , Busan Metropolitan City AT Center  
  , Jeollabuk-do Province AT Center
  , Jeollanam-do Province AT Center
  , Gwangju Metropolitan City AT Center
  , Jeju Special Self-Governing Province AT Center